Natural Toothapste with zeolite freshness of strong menthol and pepermint


Start using a natural toothpaste with a natural zeolite that otherwise attracts and binds harmful substances (pesticides, heavy metals …). In the paste we also added essential oils of menthol, mint, hamamelis extract, as well as a natural substitute for sugar xylitol. No artificial colors, fragrances and without fluoride.

Weight 0.150 kg

Product description

ZEO-MEDIC peppermint and menthol flavored toothpaste is a completely natural toothbrush. It contains a high percentage of top quality zeolites and natural essential oils as well as plant extracts. Does not contain artificial colors and aromas, does not contain fluorides. It does not contain raw materials of animal origin. The natural zeolite used in the manufacture of toothpaste is of superior quality: Has a high percentage of clinoptilolite 90-95%, high cation exchange capacity over 180meq / 100g, average particle size of 5µm. High content of essential oils of mint, menthol, hamamelis extract and xylitol as a natural sugar substitute that protects your oral cavity and refreshes your breath.

How to use

Put a certain amount of paste on a dry toothbrush. Gently massage your teeth and gums. The toothbrush should be super soft. Use the paste before the expiry date marked on the tube and on the outer carton.


Positive efects

Reduces and stops gum defects
Prevents right-sided pull
Removes the deposits from the teeth and increases their shine
Prevents fungal and bacterial infections of the oral cavity
Caries prevention
Refreshing breath

Active substances

Natural zeolite-clinoptilolite prevents bleeding and swelling, removes deposits from teeth
Mint essential oil soothes pain, prevents bacterial infections, cools and freshens breath during the day
Hamamelis extract contains flavonoids, procyanidins and resin that have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce swelling and soothe irritated skin
Xylitol, as a natural replacement for sugar, prevents tooth buildup and tooth decay. In the presence of xylitol, bacteria cannot develop because they are not a source of food like other sugars


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